Please read the following instructions and useful tips on how to cook your frozen (but fresh as if it had just arrived!) pasta to get the perfect experience we would definitely like you to have with us:

1) Do not defrost either your pasta or sauce! Please keep your sauce out of your freezer for 2 hours prior to consumption.

2) A large pot, filled with water, should be used to give your pasta enough room.

3) Please remember to add an additional quart of water (relatively to the quantity you would normally use for non-frozen pasta) so as not to make your pasta stick together in the pot, that is the secret! 

4) Bring the water to a FULL boil.

5) Please drop your frozen pasta directly into boiling water.

6) Please follow the instructions on how long you are supposed to keep your pasta in boiling water.

7) When you think the consistency of your pasta is perfect (you might decide to taste it) please pour it into a colander and gently shake it to drain all the water.

8) Transfer your cooked pasta to your sauce. The sauce should acquire a creamy texture which would allow it to cling to your pasta perfectly.

You might need to add some pasta water (keep some while using a colander) to get that result.

9) Enjoy YOUR masterpiece!

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